Who: Personal Creations is a leading e-commerce retailer. Personal Creations is best known for specializing in gifting, and offers consumers a wide variety of products and options.

Why: Personal Creations prides itself on delivering  an amazing customer experience. To this end, we like to encourage reviews of our products and enjoy sending complimentary promotional items to new media writers and subscribers who might have an interest in our product portfolio. Our goal is to allow you to experience our products and the benefits of using our website for gifting needs firsthand.

What: Personal Creations is giving you a promotion code (“Code”) for up to $50 off any order at so you may try our products. The amount will be applied after shipping and tax, thus allowing you to checkout of our online store with any one of our products priced to fit within the limitations of this promotion.

If you write a review of our products, we ask that you follow the FTC guidelines on endorsement and testimonials. To this end, we ask that you please clearly state that you received the product for free. If you do not have a separate section for legal disclosures, we suggest adding a line in your review similar to the following:

Example language to accompany your review:

“I was given the chance to review a complimentary product from”

In addition, any additional Codes may be used or distributed to any one of your followers or subscribers. Codes cannot be resold for commercial or any other purposes. If you give the Code away to a third party, we require that you abide by and disclose the following “Promotion Code Terms”:

Promotion Code Terms:

  • Code may be used once for up to $50 off any order
  • Code has no cash value and cannot be sold for commercial or any other purpose
  • Code will not be replaced if lost or stolen
  • Code value is not valid for same day, third party hosted products (e.g. wine), or for the purchase of gift cards
  • Code value cannot be used with any other offers, discounts or previous purchases
  • Code expires on or before 7/31/13

Blogger’s Representations, Warranties and Indemnification. In exchange for receiving the above mentioned Codes you agree to only use or distribute the Codes for the aforementioned authorized uses and not in any manner or on any website that could disparage or bring criticism to Personal Creations due to the nature or content of the website unrelated to your review (e.g. websites related to pornography, illegal activity, etc.). Additionally, if you decide to accept, use or distribute any of the above mentioned Codes, you represent and warrant that you, and your publication (e.g. your website or blog), shall comply with all laws, rules and regulations, including such laws that relate to giveaways and sweepstakes, and shall indemnify and hold harmless Provide Commerce, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries, together with their officers, directors, employees and agents for (i) any act or omission of yourself or publication, (ii) any breach of a representation or warranty, (iii) your failure to state or comply with the Promotion Code Terms and (iv) any unauthorized use of the Code. Compliance includes but is not limited to (a) the above mentioned FTC guidelines on endorsement and testimonials and (b) disclosure of Promotion Code Terms. By accepting the Codes you acknowledge that Personal Creations is merely a prize supplier and is not a sponsor or organizer of any giveaway or sweepstakes. In addition, you agree that Provide Commerce, Inc. grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-sublicenseable, fully revocable license to use its Personal Creations trademarks only in connection with the uses authorized by this Blogger Promotion Code Terms and Agreement. You acknowledge that Provide Commerce, Inc. is the owner of all right, title and interest in and to the trademarks and further acknowledge and agree that all goodwill in or associated with the trademarks, including any goodwill generated or arising by or through your activities under this Agreement, shall accrue for the benefit of and shall belong exclusively to Provide Commerce.



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